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Sharing life lessons,
one prosthetic at
a time.

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One week Monique Murphy was planning her 20th birthday, the next she was faced with the decision of whether to further amputate her right leg.

With no memory, Monique woke with a body so broken, they couldn’t save it all.

We are taught to learn from our mistakes. But I had no memory of how or if I had made one, and no idea of how to move forward. I was flooded with emotions, with no where to put them. No one to blame or to question, just confusion and a broken body.

I knew I was lucky. While in one moment everything had gone wrong, in the next it had gone so right, and I was alive. There was no action or question that could bring back my right leg, and therefore no reason to ask. My leg was gone, and in a feeling of acceptance as obvious as my missing foot, there was nothing to be gained (literally) by changing the past. I chose to put my energy into what I could change. By focusing on what I could control and letting go what I couldn’t, I turned a hospital room into a Paralympic stage.

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Uncertainty forces us to adapt. When we get creative with how we adapt, we create unexpected opportunities

Keynote Speaker

Delivered with vulnerability, Monique takes the audience into the honest and often humorous depths of her life changing accident and journey of recovery.


Monique has lived life both with and without a disability. This allows her to add respectful and insightful contributions to panel discussions. By reflecting on her experience she can challenge the audiences perceptions and inspire new ways of thinking.

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Adaptive Excellence
  • Decision making

  • Control the controllable

  • The power of uncertainty 

  • Creativity 

Reframing Resilience 
  • A mindset for sustainable growth 

  • Leadership 

  • Forging your own path

  • Changing perspective

Endometriosis as an Athlete
  • Listening to your body 

  • Amplifying your voice  

  • Forging your own path

  • Education through story telling

Monique has had the honour of speaking for

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"Members of the Australian Institute of Credit Management (AICM) recently had the pleasure of hosting Monique ‘Mermaid’ Murphy as our motivational guest speaker at the annual Women in Credit (WINC) event held at Cloudland in Brisbane.

I was humbled by Monique’s maturity, authenticity, obvious resilience and the determination of this young woman who wasted very little time getting on what she needed to do to follow her dreams of winning medals in the pool.  Just as accomplished and focused standing in front of a corporate crowd, Monique confidently articulated her experiences and past events, demonstrating an honest and professional presentation style. It was clear, judging by the feedback received from AICM members, this mermaid is mightily powerful in and out of the water. We all learnt from Monique to harness the courage and intestinal fortitude we all have inside to recover from life’s adversities and continue to grow."

Decia Guttormsen MICM CCE - QLD Director

Australian Institute of Credit Management


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