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Monique has spoken a number of primary and secondary schools, appealing to all ages as well as speaking at the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development’s Resilience Workshop to celebrate International Day for People With a Disability. Monique has been apart of the Queensland Academy’s ‘QAS4Sports’ and Olympic Unleashed programs working with Primary Schools in Queensland.

In her talk, Monique addresses the role swimming played for her as a child and how the skills and values it instilled in her are what she drew on to cope with and not be constrained by her accident. Drawing upon her experience as an able bodied girl, with little understanding or knowledge of disability or disability sport she examines how her experience as part of the Australia Paralympic Team, changed her views and outlook on life, and she aims to tear down misconceptions surrounding disability. Monique can apply these lessons to both sporting and non-sporting audiences, as the core capabilities of motivation, dedication and application are versatile. Monique has learnt first hand about resilience, teamwork and the value of support, both receiving and delivering. Her talks can go for 30-60 minutes, depending on what is required, and she ensures there are plenty of opportunities for the audience to ask questions about her sporting and/or prosthetic life. 

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Testimonials:                                                                                                 "It was a privilege to hear about your personal journey and of your success as a silver medallist at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. Throughout your presentation, it was evident that you possess a great deal of determination and resilience, and I thank you for your openness and honesty in sharing your life experiences. It was a refreshing and truly motivating talk, and served as reminder to us all that ‘life can change in a moment’. "

Mr Mike Mrdak AO, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.


"Monique shared her story, but it was her attitude that was so inspiring to all of our students and staff. Everyone came away from Mon's time with us thinking that anything can be achieved."  Mr Fraser Selby, Clyde Primary School Victoria


              "Our students were in awe of the journey Monique has travelled since leaving St Clare's. Her dedication, courage and determination to achieve her dreams despite a number of set backs was truly inspiring. Her passion to live life to the full and her willingness to share her  story so that others may be inspired to live out their dreams regardless of challenges that may arise was much appreciated. Monique is an excellent public speaker, clear and articulate with a true understanding of what life can be like for a teenager girl wanting to make her mark on the world. Truly proud of who you are Monique, you are an inspiration to so many." Mrs Marie Manning, St Clare's College

Addressing the ladies at St Clare's College Canberra 2016

Addressing the ladies at St Clare's College Canberra 2016